Preakness 2023 Fashion: Hats that Will Turn Heads and Make a Statement

Preakness 2023 Fashion: Hats that Will Turn Heads and Make a Statement

The Preakness Stakes is the second leg of the Triple Crown for 3 year old male horses.  The Triple Crown consists of the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and The Belmont Stakes.  The Preakness happens 2 weeks after Derby and is the shortest distance of the three races.  A colt that has won the Derby needs to win this race to have a chance at the Triple Crown glory.  While everyone knows the Kentucky Derby is not just a race but also a fashion parade, did you know that the Preakness also has made its place in history for being connected with elegant ladies wearing big hats? If you want to make a statement with your hat at the Preakness 2023, here are some fashion trends and hat tips you can consider.

The Preakness may be a horse racing event, but for Baltimore resident Lacey Johansson, who has been going for decades, the hats steal the show.

According to her, she just liked the hats, and it's a special day for Baltimore, and it's the best day to be in Baltimore. 

Lacey Johansson's account regarding hats at Preakness 2023 fashion

Johansson, 42, grew up attending the horse races nearly every year and attended the pre-Preakness Black-Eyed Susan event as a toddler. She stated that it is just a lot of fun to get dressed up and take the time to think about what you're going to wear.

When it comes to wearing a hat for the much-awaited event, Johansson says that she always wants to wear a hat that no one else has. She wants to be different, and according to her, Preakness is that kind of place that she considers to be very fashion-forward. It is here that she always wants to make a statement.

Ladies Kentucky Derby Hats

Ladies Kentucky Derby Hats

What Mosses Allen has to say regarding the fashion event?

Mosses Allen, who is 35, too, feels that there is always something unique to Baltimore about wearing a certain type of hat. She also feels that she must wear something that has to stands out from what the others wear.

She says that every time she went or was invited, there was always a question about her hat, like what hat are you wearing?

If you, too, are wondering what to wear for the Preakness, the following are some styles you can consider:

Wide-brimmed hats

Wide brimmed hats look sophisticated and elegant but are very versatile.  Big hats can be worn by the mother of the bride, at horse races, weddings as well as church, tea and cocktail parties.


Fascinators are the most versatile they can be worn at weddings, races, formal occasions and other special events.  Because they are worn with a headband they are super comfortable, dont ruin your hairstyle and lately are popular alternative to hats.  They can range from a small feather number to a large wide saucer hatinator for the ladies that want to make a statement.

Bold colours

This year greens and pinks are on trend, and we have made many already for this year’s Kentucky Derby.  In Baltimore where the Preakness is held spring has arrived so what better way to celebrate that wearing a pink and olive green fascinator? 

Summing up

To conclude, if you are very excited about the upcoming Preakness 2023 we hope that the tips we have suggested here, will help you to get the perfect hat to accessorize your overall outfit.

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